Aerocity is one of the wealthiest cities in Delhi and it attracts visitors from all corners of the world each year. And while most people coming over visit for business, to shop around, or to visit families, there’s a huge chunk that’s primarily attracted by the City’s entertainment industry. Aerocity’s entertainment economy is estimated to generate about £4 billion annually and employs around 1.8 million people. Now that’s quite a lot, isn’t it? Which makes one wonder; what are some of the main drivers of this arts economy? The entertainment economy is a 24 hour economy since most entertainment joints in the city operate day and night. In order to understand better why this economy continues to grow in leaps and bounds, have a look at the below facts;

The escort agency in Aerocity has contributed greatly to the expansion of the entertainment industry. Today, there are more escort agencies than we had 10 years ago and the number keeps increasing. Escort agencies employ the escorts, the customer care teams that liaise with interested clients, web designers who design sites for such agencies. Not to forget the millions of pounds that clients spend each year on hiring escorts. This business trail boils down to the restaurants where such clients meet the escort for a first date, the private apartments and hotels where they book room to spend time together.


Music has evolved over the years and today, almost every club in Aerocity either has a DJ or Band that entertains revelers. On a typical Friday night for instance, Aerocity clubs are always fully packed with revelers who consume expensive drinks, don luxurious clothes and shoes, mobile phones, and so on so forth. Aerocity also attracts many international artists and celebrities who host shows in and around the city. If you combine all the money that revelers spend on music concerts in Aerocity, the foods and drinks they’ll consume; then you realize that we are talking of quite a lot.

Magicians and comedians have also sprung up across Aerocity over the years. There’s a more mature segment of revelers who are looking for something different from the noisy, fully packed clubs. This is where professional magicians and comedians come in. You’ll find exclusive clubs hosting comedians and magicians. Although such shows don’ cost much, they make revelers spend much either in form of foods and drinks, cabs to drop them home afterwards, and so on so forth. This is an alternative form of entertainment that also contributes immensely to the economy of Aerocity.


The fashion industry can also be categorized under the entertainment banner. Each day, thousands of shoppers throng the different Aerocity stores shopping for the latest designer clothes, shoes, handbags, mobile phones, and much more. Most of the shoppers comprise of visitors and foreigners who have much confidence in the originality of designer brands available in Aerocity. However, even the locals comprise of quite a number of the day to day shoppers. Thus, the next time you go out at an event and come across nicely dressed ladies and gentlemen, never forget that they spent much purchasing the same across the city just to look so great! To some extent, even the numerous eateries that have sprung up over the years have their origin in the entertainment industry. Many joints selling chips and chicken tend to be located near or around entertainment joints where they can target the revelers.

The entertainment economy in Aerocity is expected to grow and expand further over the coming years. This translates to more jobs and better services from the escort agencies operating within.


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